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Death is something the majority of people do not wish to think about until faced with it.


Many people live as if their earthly lives would continue indefinitely, gathering and accumulating whatever they wanted. When faced with the inevitability many of them may be so preoccupied with what they have to leave behind, that the thought of what awaits them barely enters their consciousness.


Materialists may not believe in consciousness, which, according to them, is an illusion created by the biochemical reactions of the brain. Psychic researchers, on the other hand, have investigated various phenomena which suggest the continuity of life after physical death, including Out of Body Experiences (OBE), Near Death Experiences (NDE), Apparitions, and Mediumship.


These may provide proof for some people that we do survive death, but they may have no validity for others, for such proof is a personal matter. It is hoped that demonstrations of mediumship will provide proof at least for some people.


Created by Shozo Watanabe 2015