Ryde Spiritualist Church
Ryde Spiritualist Church

        Introducing Spiritual Healing



A Brief Overview




Healing is freely available at our Healing sessions from qualified and insured practitioners on Tuesdays 2.00-4.00 p.m. and on Sunday from 7.30 p.m. after Divine Service.

Spiritual Healing is a gentle way of using healing energies, which we consider to come directly from the Divine Source, whom some people call “God”, “The Great Spirit”, or the “Universal Mind”. It is NOT “faith healing”. To understand Spiritual Healing, it must be understood that we have not only a physical body, but also a spirit body, the energy from which is aligned to the energy-force of all life. A few people can see the reflection of this spirit body as a subtle light around the head of another person; many of our mediaeval paintings illustrate this, and it is known as an “aura”.

Accordingly, this energy can be transmitted from the Divine Source, from one person to another, to an animal (for animals certainly benefit from Spiritual Healing, as do plants), through ”hands-on” healing or “absent/distant” healing (where the healer is not in physical contact with the person receiving healing). Spiritual Healing has been identified as “holistic” in that it encompasses Mind, Body and Spirit, through the gentle, supportive, restorative energies of balance and harmony, which can permeate the auric energy-field, and encourage the mind and body to heal.

Healing is a proven and recognised therapy, which the British Medical Association acknowledges as capable of bringing beneficial results, and some healers work in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. Doctors are legally able to recommend that their patients receive healing, so long as the doctor remains medically in charge. Similarly, as the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons regards healing as “non-diagnostic”, healing for animals is permissible, so long as a Vet has been previously consulted about the concern.

The person receiving healing stays fully clothed, and a lovely feeling of harmony, relaxation and warmth can be experienced, as the healing energies transfer through the healer, from the Spirit World, to the person having healing with unconditional love.



       Visitors, Patients (human and animal) and donations are most welcome!

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