Ryde Spiritualist Church
Ryde Spiritualist Church

                Special Events

                                                January - December 2019





          SATURDAY 23rd, 10am – 4pm.

           'COLOURS AND AURAS' WORKSHOP with Melonie Beecham.

           Please bring a packed lunch. Refreshments supplied. £10 per person.


        Saturday 23rd, 7.30pm,

                       Demonstration of Physical Mediumship with Melonie Beecham. £15.


           Friday 5th, 7pm.

           Evening of Mediumship with Jenny Vennables CSNU. £6.

           Saturday 6th, 9.30am - 5pm.

           Workshop 'Ambassadors of the Spirit World' with Jenny Vennables CSNU. £7.

           Thursday 18th, 7pm.

           Evening of Trance Mediumship with Renowned Robert & Amanda Goodman,

           working with Guide White Feather. £12.


           Friday 3rd, 7pm.

           Evening of Mediumship with Spiritual Medium & Tutor Sharon Hall. £7.

           Saturday 4th

           Private Readings available with Sharon Hall. £15.


           Saturday 15th, starts 11am.

              Open Day - private readings, mediumship demonstrations, healing sessions    

            and more. Refreshments on sale - hotdogs, burgers, chips, tea, coffee etc.

            Saturday 29th, 7pm.

            Evening of Mediumship with Jane Johnston. £8.

              Friday 5th July
           Demonstration of Mediumship with a Difference
           Jenny Venables and Melonie Beecham linking together.
           Starts at 7.30pm, Doors open at 7pm. Entry fee £6.


             Saturday 10th August
           Evening of Mediumship with Stephen Mayger,
           Starts at 7.30pm, Doors open at 6.30pm. Entry Fee £6.


             Saturday 17th August
            Spiritual Awareness Workshop with Colin Blann.

           Limited places, so please book. £12. Deposit taken.




           Saturday 7th September - 10am - 4pm & 7pm - 9pm.
           Platform Workshop - Calling all Trainee Mediums.
           This is the perfect opportunity to attend a workshop and
           then to take part in Platform Demonstration in the evening.
           Refreshment supplied - but please bring a packed lunch.
           Cost for this workshop £12.


           Saturday 7th September - 7.15pm.
           Demonstration of Mediumship
           with Jenny Venables CSNU & Melonie Beecham,
           with Trainee Mediums
           Entry £3.




          Saturday 5th. 7.15pm.
           An Evening of Transfiguration with Melonie Beecham.

             Doors open at 6.30pm, and will be locked at 7pm.
           Entry £15 - to be booked in advance.


           Friday 18th
           Psychic Supper with five or more mediums.
           Mediumship from 7pm.

          Entry £12 - to be booked in advance.





        Friday 6th

            Festive Afternoon Tea and Messages

            with Melonie Beecham, 3pm.

            Tickets £5 per person. To be booked in advance (07450 852327)